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Hailing from The Garden State of New Jersey, The KENJEX are two gifted biological brothers, Kaleb (aka Kaleb Mitchell - 16) and Elias (aka Ben Beatz - 12). They write and produce their own material, and are also very talented musicians. Kaleb Mitchell has played the piano since the age of five and Ben Beatz has been playing drums since he was four years old. The brothers crafted the group’s name with the goal of capturing the essence of their ethnic & cultural and identity; KEN (their mother is from Nairobi, Kenya), and JEX (their father is from the Alexander Housing Projects in Paterson, New Jersey). Although their preferred method of communicating their deep and contemplative messages is through the medium of Hip-Hop/Rap, they are far more than just a rap group and would rather not be solely defined or categorized as such. Kaleb Mitchell is the group’s charismatic lyrical front man, a producer, and he also sings on many of the group’s tracks. Ben Beatz is also a proficient producer and holds the beat down live during performances.

The KENJEX kicked off the 2014 McDonald’s Gospelfest with a powerful performance of their song “Change” before many at The Prudential Center in New Jersey. They’ve also won every talent/music competition that they’ve participated in, and are performing regularly throughout the NY-NJ area. The KENJEX released their debut album, “Due Time” on December 1st, 2014. It is available everywhere digital music is sold.

Some have asked why it is that KENJEX music is so deep and contemplative when they’re so young, and the answer is simple. Even though The KENJEX are only 16 and 12 years old, they have unfortunately already had to experience some of humanity’s harshness in several forms; they’ve experienced rejection because their giftedness wouldn’t allow them to fit in, they’ve experienced racism at early ages, they’ve experienced bullying and discrimination, they watched their mother walk through life-threatening sickness while battling cancer, and they’ve experienced the traumatic loss of several loved ones. As a means of being able to process such heavy forms of pain while still being so young, they were encouraged by their parents to put the pain into their songs so that it would become a source of healing for them, as well for other young people throughout the world that undergo these very same experiences.

As a result, The KENJEX have dubbed themselves the leaders of the “ReJEX Movement”, noting that Jesus the Christ was the ultimate reject, but ended up being the primary form of healing for humanity’s sickness. This is why The KENJEX describe their music as being necessary medicine for the sickness of society and the world, and their conviction comes directly from their Christian faith.

The true power and genius of KENJEX music is nestled in the fact that a 17 year old can sit in the same room with their 57 year old parent, and any KENJEX song that they listen to will relevantly speak to both right where they find themselves in life! Because of this, The KENJEX have positioned themselves among a very distinguished cadre, indeed an extremely small & rare group of spiritual, gifted/conscious music artists from around the world!


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